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SW/HW development
installation and integration
IT consulting

We will find or develop and implement the best solution (organizational, software or hardware) for your business
About us
LITEL is a team of professional designers, software and hardware developers, service engineers, technologists and managers

For over 10 years we have been engaged in consulting, development, installation, integration and maintenance of software and hardware

The company is a contractor for large customers, such as MTS, Beeline, TELE2 (largest telecom operators in Russia), Ericsson, Google and more…

Software Development
Areas of competence:
• TELCO-software
• Embedded Software
• Mobile applications (iOS/Android)
• Desktop applications
• Enterprise WEB-solutions
• Enterprise knowledge base
• Software components and utilities
• Cloud applications, SAAS
• Development of specific mathematical algorithms
Hardware Design
We have own hardware R&D center

Applications: Industry, SMART city, Enterprise, Agriculture, TELCO, IT, Mass market

• High quality
• Open IT architecture
• Great experience
Installation & Integration Teams
Our integration and installation teams certified by Google and Ericsson

Standards maintenance:
• ANSI/TIA 568/570/862/942
• ISO/IEC 11801-family
• ISO 9001:14001
Maintenance & Support
  • Commissioning and integration work
    • on network equipment (Cisco, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Huawei)
    • Low and Mid Range disk arrays (IBM, HP, Huawei), SAN switches
    • x86 server hardware
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Data maintenance
  • Knowledge base maintenance
  • User support (level 2−3)
  • Tuning and maintenance of Atlassian Jira, Confluence software.
IT Consulting
• LITEL consult us how to use information technology (IT) in the best way to achieve their business goals

• In addition to just providing counsel and recommendations, IT consultancy services also deploy and administer IT systems for our clients, which is also known as outsourcing
We find technical and organizational solutions and implement them
Software components
Let's help with the specification, we will develop API and program libraries
Mobile applications
Develop UI / UX application design. Develop iOS and Android. Support
Cloud applications
Develop productive cloud applications, find the best hosting, maintenance
Corporate Portals
Delve into the essence of the client's problem and offer the optimal solution based on real needs
Design and implement a solution for IoT and SMART Cities. From smart kettle to intelligent urban infrastructure
Industrial systems
Development of industrial systems of a wide profile
Machine vision, artificial intelligence
Training neural networks for practical tasks. We will advise. we will develop, we will introduce
Ultra small portable devices
Portable and reliable devices created on the domestic component base
IT monitoring and maintenance
Develop and implement an IT infrastructure. Maintaiance
Below are some of our work so you can understand our business profile
LITEL M3000 controller
M3000 - Russian-made controller for 19" rack
• switching and routing of Ethernet packets (switch)
• guaranteed power supply (bypass)
• signal lines bypass
• scalability and clustering

Applications: data centers, manufacturing, IT infrastructure, automation

• Reliability
• Open source software
• Low price
LITEL M100 microcontroller
Russian-made board pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Uno
• The M100 contains self-powered RTCs that allow precise clocking in real-time applications
• M100 significantly exceeds the Arduino in performance and complies with the INDUSTRIAL class in performance

Applications: industrial automation and robotics, debug board, smart home systems

• Industry standard
• Low price
Smart VoC Badge
In the beginning was the Word
We have created a compact unique voice recorder in the form of a badge, which allows company employees to effectively work with customers using retrospective analysis of recorded dialogs.

Applications: front divisions of any companies
(promoters, sellers, service industries, consultants, medical staff, security services, top managers)

Segments: small / medium / large business / government customer

• prevention of conflict situations;
• no conflict will pass secretly, the client will be satisfied;
• the client's need will always be heard and will not be forgotten;
• the employee has a summary of the conversation and can work with it later.
• The company can identify best management practices and scale them up.

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Wi-Fi Authentification platform
Platform for authorization of subscribers when accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi
Applications: SMART City, commercial

• easy authentication method
• available for tourists
• simple administration
• usage analytics
Corporate IP-phone solution
A platform for managing a database of contacts, organizing communication between company employees and customers
Software and hardware complex for confidential negotiations over open communication channels

Applications: government, commercial

• strong encryption
• excellent speech quality
• great usability
• additional functionality upon request
Platform for building dynamic routes in public transport and taxis
The platform predicts the routs of many passengers and organizes dynamic routes for their transportation by leased vehicles in the most economical and fastest way

Applications: smart city, commercial

• taxi by price of public transport
• operating margin is more than 40%
• less route time for passengers
• increase taxi driver's income
Platform for mobile operators with IMS networks.
IMS-LGW platform:
Allows to provide support for all modern services of the IMS network.

Support for the requirements of Russian regulations, full redundancy, in-house production, the ability to expand in accordance with customer requirements.

SMART City and IoT components
A set of industrial elements designed to build the infrastructure of the "smart city" or integration into the device "Internet of things"
Industrial equipment:
• SMART controllers
• LoRaWAN & NB-IoT
• SMART meters with replaceable modules
• SMART weather stations
• NTP servers
• Industrial modems & routers
• Sensor dust, noise, wind speed and direction, air temperature and highway, soil moisture and air, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, radiation, ultraviolet levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulfur, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, etc
Our team is our main value. We are united by the desire to make this world better. If you graduate from a technical college or see your vocation in programming and you have similar aspirations, then it is easier to move along. Write or call us ;-)
    • Call or email us:
      Phone: +7 499 112 35 43
      Email: info@li-tel.ru
    • Come to us:
      room 222, build 15, house 1, Skladochnaya street,
      Moscow, 127018, Russia
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    Call or email us:
    Phone: +7 499 112 35 43
    Email: info@li-tel.ru

    Come to us:
    room 222, build 15, house 1, Skladochnaya street, Moscow, 127018, Russia

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